YouTube: the 2021 ranking of videos and creators in France

Like every year, YouTube has published its 2021 list of the most popular videos and creators for France.

Discover the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube in France in 2021. © Proxima Studio /

With numbers rising sharply, YouTube and its French content creators have had a good year 2021. As 2022 dawns, it’s time to look back in numbers on the most popular videos, music videos and creators of the year in France.

Some key figures for the year 2021

Popular creators continue to flock to France, and there are now 4,500 channels with more than 100,000 subscribers (20% more than in 2020). Better yet, 450 French channels exceed one million subscribers (against 360 in 2020).

YouTube also notes that in March 2021 more than 40 million French people watched at least one YouTube video, and that they spent an average of 24 minutes per day. Nevertheless, the content produced by French creators is also attractive abroad, since more than 50% of the viewing time of videos produced by French Youtubers comes from abroad.

The 10 creators who have gained the most subscribers

As in 2020, the content creator who gained the most subscribers on YouTube in France in 2021 is Michou. He is ahead of his friend Inoxtag and Squeezie (the Youtubeur n ° 1 in France), who complete the podium. Discover the top 10 set of French creators who gained the most subscribers in 2021 (as well as their current number of subscribers):

  1. Michou – 6.78 million subscribers (gaming / vlog)
  2. Inoxtag – 4.51 million subscribers (gaming / vlog)
  3. SQUEEZIE – 16.5 million subscribers (humor / storytelling)
  4. Mcfly and Carlito – 6.88 million subscribers (humor)
  5. Valouzz – 2.66 million subscribers (vlog / kitchen)
  6. Pidi – 1.61 million subscribers (vlog / music)
  7. THEODORT – 1.28 million subscribers (humor / music)
  8. Crankshaft – 1.57 million subscribers (automotive)
  9. JOYCA – 4.58 million subscribers (humor / music)
  10. Mastu – 3.46 million subscribers (humor / storytelling)

The 10 most viewed music videos

On the music side, rap is the genre that has worked the most in 2021 since 8 music videos from the top 10 come from this musical style. We find Naps and his song The kiffance in the lead with more than 107 million views ahead Moha K – Vroum Vroum and Soso Maness ft. PLK – Petrouchka. Discover all of the top 10 most viewed music videos in France in 2021:

  1. Naps – La kiffance (rap)
  2. Moha K – Vroum Vroum (rap)
  3. Soso Maness ft. PLK – Petrouchka (rap)
  4. Alonzo ft. Jul & Naps – La Seleção (rap)
  5. Kore ft. Ninho – Mon poto (rap)
  6. Tayc – Le Temps (R’n’B)
  7. Booba ft. JSX – Mona Lisa (rap)
  8. Naps ft. SCH – The bandits’ dance (rap)
  9. Marwa Loud ft. Moha K – BImbo (rap)
  10. Wejdene – Thinking (pop / R’n’B)

The 10 most viewed videos (excluding music)

The most viewed French video on YouTube in 2021 is the awareness-raising clip of Mcfly et Carlito on barrier gestures, published in response to a challenge given by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. The top 3 is completed by videos from Squeezie and Cyprien, respectively 1st and 2nd Youtubers in France. Discover the 10 videos that have accumulated the most views on YouTube in France in 2021 (excluding music):

  1. “I remember” (barrier gestures clip) – Mcfly and Carlito
  2. PUBS vs LIFE 5 – Cyprien
  3. 1 second before the disaster… – SQUEEZIE
  5. Pascal My Big Brother 2 – The Upside Down
  6. Inoxtag jumps into the swimming pool dressed as soon as it arrives at Chalet des Croûtons! # 1 – Valouzz
  7. GO ON A DIET 2 – YELLOW LAUGH – Kévin Tran 陈科伟
  8. WE SLEEP IN OUR BUNKER (it’s 0 °) – Amixem
  9. Pass the 1st at 130km / h: WHAT DOES IT DO? – Crankshaft

The 10 creators with the most progress (in%)

Some YouTubers experienced strong growth in 2021. This is particularly the case for Theodort (1.26 million subscribers) and TheoBabac (358,000 subscribers), two young designers who are part of a common project called LOAT. The couple Mélanight and Romain complete the podium with their joint channel named BENN. Discover the 10 designers who have made the most progress in 2021:

  1. THEODORT (humor / music)
  2. TheoBabac (humour)
  3. BENN (couple / humour)
  4. DavidLafargePokemon (Pokémon)
  5. Kaatsup (gaming)
  6. InvestCollect (Pokémon)
  7. FuuRy (gaming)
  8. Mister Pof (Pokémon)
  9. Noty (gaming)
  10. Alteanne ASMR (ASMR)

The 10 Most Popular YouTube Shorts Creators

With the arrival of YouTube Shorts in France in 2021, some content creators saw their subscriber numbers skyrocket. This is particularly the case for ARTHUR (339,000 subscribers) which is 1st ahead Fuze Shorts and LULU. Check out the 10 most popular YouTube Shorts creators in France in 2021:

  1. ARTHUR (humor)
  2. Fuze Shorts (gaming)
  3. LULU (storytelling)
  4. BATZAIR (humor)
  5. AnttonRacca Shorts (storytelling)
  6. At the Edge of the Plate (kitchen)
  7. YOUSSGANG MUSIC (musique / storytelling)
  8. Redha Jr (humour)
  9. Fatasyange (humour / storytelling)
  10. AiShiray Shorts (storytelling)

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