YouTube will hide the number of “dislikes” on all videos

YouTube will hide the “dislike” counter on all videos. Only creators will have access to it through YouTube Studio.

To gauge the quality and relevance of a video on YouTube, there are a number of fairly relevant indicators. We can for example look at the number of “I don’t like”. If this is relatively low, it can be a good sign of the popularity and usefulness of said video. This is often a good omen. For example, if someone gives advice or gives a tutorial on YouTube and the number of “Dislikes” exceeds the number of “Likes”, it is quite easy to doubt whether or not it is of interest. usefulness of this video.

YouTube will hide the dislike counter on all videos

That being said, sometimes it is possible that some may abuse this feature. Trolls and other users, often belonging to large groups, can come and click on “I don’t like” en masse, precisely to completely distort the counter in question. It is for this reason that, a few months ago, YouTube began to test a novelty: the number of “I don’t like” was thus hidden from the view of users. Only creators could have access to it. And it seems today that the platform is satisfied with this test since it has decided to deploy this novelty on all the videos it hosts.

Only creators will have access to it via YouTube Studio

According to the YouTube statement, “From what we have learned, we are going to make the ‘Dislike’ count private across the YouTube platform, but the ‘Dislike’ button will not work. not disappear. This change will be rolled out gradually from today. ” YouTube explains that creators will still be able to see the “Dislikes” count on YouTube Studio, but users won’t see it.

The company also adds: “We heard during this experience that some of you were using this number of ‘Dislikes’ to help decide whether or not to watch a particular video. We know that you may not agree with this decision, but we are convinced that it is the right thing for the platform to do. ”

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