YouTube will open a 6,000-seat theater for its shows

The Google platform will focus on live entertainment with a large hall in Los Angeles: a transition from digital to “physical” that signals a turning point in its own historical way

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Throughout the year YouTube it will open a physical place in Los Angeles to host his live shows. It will be called YouTube Theatre, will be three floors high, will have 6 thousand seats and will be the new location chosen by the platform for its live events, such as traditional concerts, and more peculiar ones, such as eSports competitions and meetings between creators.

YouTube has struck a deal with Hollywood Park, a mixed-use complex still under construction in Inglewood, a suburb of Los Angeles with more than 3,000 apartments, a sports stadium, a 300-room hotel and a large shopping area. YouTube has acquired the rights to the concert venue although it will not use it exclusively. The theater should be completed by the summer.

YouTube was forced to switch from live events to virtual events earlier this year when it closed its spaces for creators and musicians. Now the Google-owned video platform will embrace live entertainment like never before and will have a space to host events that will obviously be retransmitted online.

In the past, YouTube creators and their fans have met at events such as VidCon, an annual gathering that saw around 75,000 attendees in 2019, and which hosted group discussions, Q&A and workshops where aspiring stars try to learn from the best. Having its own space, YouTube will be able to organize events all year round that support its platform and promote young artists.

YouTube theater shows
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From what is already known, from this year there should also be space for live music with artists such as Pitbull, Black Pumas, Devo, Trippie Redd and Marina and the Diamonds, ready to perform. Also, the theater should have one big screen on an external wall, on which YouTube will broadcast as many videos and advertisements for shows and products.

YouTube isn’t the first video platform to jump into live events in this way, though. Netflix for example, he owns the Paris cinema in New York and has previously organized live comedy events. Disney and the rest of Hollywood, meanwhile, regularly show up at Comic-Con to promote their hits. To know if the YouTube theater will be a success you will have to be patient but you can bet that many will soon want to get on its stage.

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