ZoomInfo and the acquisition of Chorus: the AI ​​for sales

On the check detached from ZoomInfo to complete theacquisition of Chorus.ai it says “575 million dollars”. In the face of the substantial investment, the US company stretches its hands on a technology capable of boosting sales by resorting to the use of a ‘artificial intelligence.

ZoomInfo buys Chorus.ai for 575 million

L’HE in question deals with to listen conversations with customers, generating data on their account that can be useful to improve performance, helping to improve the methods of interaction and, consequently, the economic return. The stated goal is to integrate it into the already existing and active platform.

Chorus.ai was founded in 2015. Since then the team has raised more than $ 100 million in funding (source PitchBook). He currently has assets more than 100 employees and in the last year it has been able to triple its turnover. In his range of action he clashes with rival Gong.io, considered one of the most promising startups of the moment.

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